Moscow law office "Kovalev Tugushi & partners"

Legal business forum: leaders and new reality

Plenary session. Future is already today.

Managing partner Sergey Kovalev moderator of session 1.

Questions in the session’s spotlight:
What economic industries are most sustainable under the influence of external and internal factors and what industries are the most vulnerable?
What lessons did entrepreneurs learn from the previous crisis and how to get immunity from new challenges?
Is the change of legal market landscape inevitable?
How do sanctions and restructuring of domestic economy influence consulting market?
What is the current scope of market opportunities for a consultant and what industry changes shall we expect?
What practices and directions of activity will be in demand in the nearest future? What sectors of economy shall expect the biggest amount of work from clients?

• Vladislav Onischenko, President of “Center of strategic developments”
• Tatyana Mineeva, Ombudsman for the rights of entrepreneurs
• Andrey Yakovlev, founder and managing partner of law firm “Yakovlev and Partners”, Chairman of Moscow law office “Yakovlev and partners”

• Alexander Sarapin, member of Board of Directors, Exevutive director of Pravo Tech
• Maksim Kul’kov, managing partner of Law firm “Kul’kov, Kolotilov and partners”

Legal business forum: leaders and new reality. This is a professional platform for developing dialogue and business connections between representatives of consulting and law firms, law departments of corporations, government bodies, mass media, ratings, market operators, IT-companies and etc.
✓ Mission of the Forum: contribute to sustainability of companies – participants of Russian market.
✓ The forum is held with intellectual support of the Committee on communications of legal market at Russian association on public relations (RAPR).
Sergey Kovalev 2022