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As of June 08, 2022, the Government of Canada has taken new restrictive measures, prohibiting provision of 28 types of services for Russian oil and gas and chemical companies in 7 industrial areas (see:,
1.             In accordance with the adopted sanctions, it is prohibited to provide services to Russian oil and gas and chemical companies engaged in the following activities:
·               Mining of coal and lignite;
·               Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas;
·               Mining of metal ores;
·               Other mining and quarrying;
·               Mining support service activities;
·               Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products;
·               Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products.
Canadian citizens and companies are prohibited from providing services and contract work such as:
·               Construction work;
·               Retail sales of fuel oil, bottled gas, coal and wood;
·               Repair services of personal and household goods;
·               Transportation of petroleum and natural gas;
·               Bulk storage services of liquids or gases;
·               Research and development services;
·               Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services;
·               Market research and public opinion polling services;
·               Engineering services;
·               Advertising services;
·               Repair services incidental to metal products, machinery and equipment etc.
2.             It is also prohibited for any person in Canada and any Canadian outside Canada from contributing to the violation of all previously adopted sanctions by the Government of Canada, including making financial transactions with persons subject to sanctions, managing, using and disposing of the assets of these persons.
Thus, the new sanctions measures continue the policy of unfriendly states for destabilizing the Russian economy and isolating of it.
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